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  • ສູນກາງຂໍ້ມູນຂ່າວສານຂອງ ເມືອງຄຳເກີດ

Welcome to Khamkeut District which far from Vientiane about 5 hours by bus and you can access from Vietnam or Paksan or Thakek to direct to Lak 20 by mini-bus or local taxi!


Travelling by Boat & Viewing

Khamkeut District is one district of Bolikhamxay Province
Viengthong District,Xayjampone District, Nakay District, Kou Kham District (Of Khammouane Province ),Pakkading District and Neightbouring

Reservoir & Fishing

Beside of rich in Natural
There are many caves and rivers
we can relax and enjoy of natural with camping or tour In Summer we can travell into forest and enjoy of warm river and fresh air。


Except travelling
There are many events of District
Ethnic festival is one major
to the tourism who come to visit
Tet of Vietnamese and Lao New Year is also main。

News & Major

Some parts of Khamkeut District

We are preparing for Touring Clips of our District about natural travelling to introduce for tourism who interested in tour of our district. and if you have more information about how to improve our tour spots please let us know:Conatct


In this Video is talking about some parts of history of Khamkeut from past til is named Khamkeut in Laotian and hope you can enjoy and relax of them, inside of the story is talking about how people of this district servival from poor and under the hard situation all people together fight to get win about economy issues。Back to Top